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VTU Consortium - 2024

In 2024, the SVCE Library is thrilled to announce a series of hands-on workshops poised to elevate academic excellence under the banner of “Empowering Academic Excellence: Series of Workshops on VTU Consortium Platforms.” We are excited to collaborate with esteemed publishers such as Elsevier, IEEE, Taylor & Francis, Springer Link, ProQuest, Knimbus, and Drillbit, who will serve as resource persons for these workshops. These workshops are meticulously designed to provide students and faculty members with invaluable insights, practical skills, and cutting-edge tools to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of academic research and scholarship. Through interactive sessions and expert guidance from leading industry professionals, participants will gain the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in their scholarly pursuits. Stay tuned for a lineup of enriching workshops that promise to equip the SVCE community with the tools and resources to thrive in today’s academic world and beyond.