One Day Workshop on

“Emerald Insight”

for Innovative Entrepreneur

Photo Gallery

Explore the vibrant snapshots captured during our One Day Workshop on "Emerald Insight" tailored for Innovative Entrepreneurs. The photo gallery showcases the dynamic hands-on sessions where participants immersed themselves in real-world scenarios, honing their entrepreneurial skills. From intense brainstorming sessions to collaborative problem-solving, each image encapsulates the spirit of innovation and creativity that defined the workshop. Dive into the gallery to witness the journey of exploration, discovery, and growth as aspiring entrepreneurs engaged with the transformative power of "Emerald Insight."

Inauguration of the workshop.

Dr. Dundappa Amoji, Chief Librarian, Dr. Ajatashtru Samal, HoD of MBA, and the staff, along with the resource person Mr. S. Vinay Kumar from Emerald Insight.

"Group photo featuring the Workshop's Resource Person."