The adoption of technology in healthcare over the years has led to better diagnosis and treatment of patients. Out of all the benefited sectors from technology adoption, healthcare is probably the most important one. Consequently, it improved the quality of life over time, and it has saved many lives. Someone cannot argue that technology in healthcare is a new thing. We use medical technology from the most severe case to the simplest medical case, like breaking a bone. From plaster to robotic surgery, technological advancement is always present and undisputable. Nevertheless, behind every medical technology, there is the patient in mind.

In recent years there have been many groundbreaking advancements in technology in healthcare: 3-D printing, Artificial organs, Robotic surgery, Health wearables, Virtual reality (VR), Telehealth etc. 

Advanced Digital Healthcare

From advanced devices and software that transform care settings into state-of-the-art environments, to advanced visualization that guides surgeons and robotics with insightful analytics, Stryker’s Advanced Digital Healthcare is driving improved clinical, operational and financial outcomes across the continuum of care.