Three Days Hands-on Workshop on

E-Resource Proficiency: VTU Co´╗┐nsortium, DELNET and Remote Access

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The workshop provided an immersive experience, offering participants a glimpse into the dynamic world of electronic resource proficiency. Through interactive sessions and hands-on activities, attendees delved into the depths of VTU Consortium, DELNET, and Remote Access platforms, unlocking a treasure trove of scholarly resources and tools. From navigating extensive databases to mastering advanced search techniques, participants were empowered to harness the full potential of digital resources for their academic and research endeavors. The workshop's vibrant atmosphere fostered collaboration and knowledge exchange, leaving participants inspired and equipped with newfound skills to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and competence.


First-year students of Basic Science at SVCE are anchoring the program, while the esteemed Principal of SVCE, Prof. Nageswara Guptha M., alongside Dr. Srinivas Rao K, HoD of Basic Science, and Dr. Dundappa Amoji, Chief Librarian, grace the dais with their esteemed presence.

Prof. Nageswara Guptha M., our esteemed Principal, highlighted the significance of utilizing electronic resources such as VTU Consortium, DELNET, and Remote Access for academic and professional growth during the Three-Day Hands-on Workshop on E-Resource Proficiency. His insightful address inspired attendees, fostering a deeper understanding of digital literacy's transformative potential and the workshop's objectives.

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